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Orange Shirt Day Event Recap!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Thank you to all parents, caregivers and students who were able to join the Perth contingent at last week's 1492 Land Back Lane Unity Jam for Orange Shirt Day.

It was so great to come together with you that day to honour those who attended Indian Residential Schools and take action to learn more about what we can do together to stop the continuing genocide of Indigenous peoples on these lands.

The music and speakers were fantastic, and it was such an honour and privilege to be able to come together in solidarity.

Donations are still welcome

In appreciation of this event the organizers continue to ask that you donate to a local charity. All performers, volunteers, and coordinators of this event were working without pay. They donated their time, travel costs, AV equipment, etc. to benefit this event. They suggest these local charities:

Woodland Cultural Centre

Located in Brantford, Woodland offers traditional programming for Indigenous children and adults to connect them with their culture and heritage. They have programming specifically for residential school survivors and families of survivors.

Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto

NWRCT works to provide women with opportunities for a better life. They offer programming to support employment, education, housing, and for youth.

Thunder Woman Healing Lodge (TWHL)

Developed by Indigenous women for Indigenous women, TWHL exists to support women as they leave the prison system. Indigenous women are over-represented in the prison system, and TWHL's programs aim to break those chains.

Resources to keep learning and take action

If you would like to continue to learn more and find out what you can do, please use this resource created by the Perth school council to access support, learn about Indian Residential Schools and the continuing genocide of Indigenous peoples perpetrated by the Canadian government and take action against this.

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