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Information from COVID-19 Resources Canada Info Session

On January 18 the Perth school council hosted an information session delivered by COVID-19 Resources Canada, a group of experts, including scientists and medical professionals, who volunteer to host vaccine conversations to help inform people.

It was a very informative session! And we are pleased to able to share notes taken with the Perth community. Please take a read of them to learn more about such topics as when to get vaccinated after a COVID-19 infection, which masks are best, why doses for 5-11-year olds are based on age not weight, and instances of adverse reaction to COVID vaccines in Canada (5–11-year-old) vs. COVID disease outcomes in the same age group, among other subjects.

You can read the notes from the session here.

If you are interested in learning more, COVID-19 Resources Canada hosts open sessions to the public regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Link to register:

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