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How funds are used

All money raised by the Perth School Advisory Council is used to enrich the education experience of Perth students and support their families and caregivers. Some examples of items that have been paid for with these funds in the past include Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy books for classrooms, the schoolyard revitalization, Scientist in Schools programming, dance workshops, field trips and an upgraded sound system for the school gym. 

We take our lead from Perth’s School Statement of Needs and apply an equity and anti-oppressive lens when voting on items to fund. This is done to support the Perth School Advisory Council’s vision of building an inclusive community at our school.

Donating to the Perth School Advisory Council

To make a donation to the Perth School Advisory Council, please write a cheque payable to Perth Avenue Junior Public School - School Advisory Council and drop it off at the school office. Funds donated will go toward items the school council votes to fund. 


Donations made this way are not eligible for a tax receipt, as the Perth School Advisory Council is not a registered charity.

Donating to Perth Ave. JPS via the TDSB SchoolCash Online

If you would like a tax receipt you can use this secure site to make an online donation through the TDSB, as it’s a registered charity. Please select Perth Avenue Junior Public School. Tax receipts are issued electronically to the donor.


Funds donated using this method will go from the TDSB to the principal’s budget but spending decisions are done in concert with the school council. 

To donate: 

  • Register or sign in

  • Click "I don't want to add a student" on the landing page

  • Click "Make a Donation"

  • Select "Perth Avenue Junior Public School"

  • Write "Donation to the School Council" in the Message Box to ensure that your donation is directed toward school council–funded items.

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