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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The Perth SAC is excited to welcome back all Perth staff, students and their parents and guardians.

We're looking forward to working closely with you all to make this a fantastic year, and would love if you could join us. We hold monthly virtual meetings via Zoom that all Perth parents and caregivers (of both virtual and in-person students) and staff can attend to discuss issues related to the school and make decisions that support that community.

Our vision is to build an inclusive community at our school. We want Perth to be a place where everyone is expected and cared for so they can learn and grow with dignity. We do this by working with parents, caregivers, staff and the surrounding and wider community collaboratively and with respect to support this mandate. In order to do this effectively and equitably, we apply an anti-oppressive lens to our decision-making and work, and focus our efforts on students and families who are most impacted by systems of oppression.

We will be sharing our first SAC meeting date soon, and the Zoom link for the meeting will be shared by the school.

A white vertical rectangle with thin turquoise horizontal lines all along the page and one red vertical line on the left side of the page, which has been designed to look like a lined sheet of paper. In the top third of the page a light purple rectangular is laid horizontally and slightly upwards on top of the lined paper design. In that box in white all caps letters are the words "here we". Directly below the purple rectangle is a longer, turquoise box with the word "go!" in it.

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