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Join the Orange Shirt Day Solidarity Walk

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The background is a faint picture of Dufferin Grove Park that has been coloured orange. At the top in purple text it says "1492 Land Back Lane Presents." Underneath that is a thin white line. Under that line on the left side of the image in black it says "every child matters," and under that text in black is an image of a feather with birds flying off of the tip of it. Under that feather in purple text it says, "Sept 30, 2021." And under that in smaller purple text it says "Starting at 3 pm." Under that line it says "Dufferin Grove Park." On the right side of the poster it says in large text: "Unity Jam Concert." Under that text is a white line, and under that line it says in smaller text: "Performances by: Derek Miller, Logan Staats, Layla Black, Rob Lamothe, Howlin' Circus, Phil Davis, POX, Kahsennio Williams, Aysanabee, & many more. There's another thin white line that separates the middle of the poster from the bottom, and under that line it says in black text: "Alcohol & Drug Free Event, Pay-what-you-can BBQ, Child Friendly event, Bring Cash to support." Underneath that, in purple text it says "Supported by mutual aid & housing security projects in Toronto"


We have received some generous feedback about this event's lack of accessibility. And so, we wanted to ask that if this event isn't accessible to you, please reach at out so we can put accommodations in place to make it so for you.

One thing that we will have in place is a designated person at Dufferin Grove to indicate where the Perth people will be gathering. That way, if you prefer to take transit or drive to the park, then it will be clear where we're all meeting up when we arrive.

And at the meetup point at the school, we can also organize ourselves into groups that are walking and groups that are taking TTC, so people can travel together either way, if they wish.

Original post:

On Thursday September 30, please join your fellow Perth community members as we walk together in solidarity from the school to this event at Dufferin Grove Park for the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. We will be meeting at the fence with the orange ribbons on it at Franklin and Antler at 3:20 p.m. and then walking over together taking into consideration COVID-19 protocols and maintaining physical distancing.

Here are the event details:

Local parents and organizers have partnered with 1492 Land Back Lane to present an evening of education and music in Dufferin Grove Park.

They are organizing solidarity walks from local schools to the concert to promote the message that Every Child Matters. Signs and posters are welcome. All children attending the walk will be given an orange shirt courtesy of 1492 Land Back Lane. If you would like your child to receive a shirt, please fill out this form by end of day Tuesday September 21:

T-shirts will also be sold in Dufferin Grove Park for $20 if adults would like to purchase one for themselves.

The show will start at 3ish. A few performers are Logan Straats, Layla Black, Howlin' Circus, Derek Miller, and many more.

They will have a pay-what-you-can BBQ sponsored by local members of encampment support networks; vegetarian options will be available. They suggest that you bring cash to pay for your meal and to purchase swag to support local Indigenous organizations.

Donate to a local charity

In appreciation of this event they ask that you donate to a local charity. All performers, volunteers, and coordinators of this event are working without pay. They are donating our time, travel costs, AV equipment, etc. to benefit this event. They suggest these local charities:

Woodland Cultural Centre

Located in Brantford, Woodland offers traditional programming for Indigenous children and adults to connect them with their culture and heritage. They have programming specifically for residential school survivors and families of survivors.

Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto

NWRCT works to provide women with opportunities for a better life. They offer programming to support employment, education, housing, and for youth.

Thunder Woman Healing Lodge (TWHL)

Developed by Indigenous women for Indigenous women, TWHL exists to support women as they leave the prison system. Indigenous women are over-represented in the prison system, and TWHL's programs aim to break those chains.

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